A New Analysis On Common-Sense Programs Of Corporate Travel

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This seems like a no-brainer, but in our efforts to save money, we often end up with one, sometime two or three layovers in a roundtrip. Direct flights may cost more, but think about what you’ll save in time and frustration! Let your travel agent know that you would prefer direct flights over layovers whenever possible.

Bring snacks. Airplane food isn’t always the best and airport food is ridiculously overpriced. Keep some power foods in your carry-on to help keep your energy levels up without having to spend tons of money.

According to Chairman and CEO, Hal F. Rosenbluth, and Consultant, Diane McFerrin Peters, of Rosenbluth International, the third-largest corporate travel in the world, “Most of us choose our spouse with care and rear our children with nurturing and compassionate attention. Yet, we tend to select the people who will join our company on the basis of an interview or two, and once they have joined, they often find that they must fend for themselves.

If you want a cheaper place to stay, you might want to look at the backpackers’ hostels. The guest and hosted bed and breakfast accommodations as well as the motels are not necessarily cheaper than small hotels. In fact, some of the B&B places have exclusive services and amenities that will cost you a small fortune. The price of a motel room can equal or be higher than the price of a hotel room. This is because a lot of motels offer corporate housing with kitchens as well as other amenities such as heated swimming pools.

You work for 3 more years and your salary gets bumped up to $62k.This still won’t get you approved for a loan to buy a house so you are forced to marry your girlfriend/boyfriend/coworker to effectively double your salary. You finally can afford to buy a 2-bedroom/1-bathroom condo 45 miles from where you work (commute is about 1 and a half hours). You jump at the opportunity. Uh oh, now you have a baby on the way…

Our company has a great departmental profit sharing plan that rewards our team of sales people for the margin that we bring in. Travel has been a sore spot for the corporation and the department as the expenses have gone up for travel and we have struggled with ways to cut back. We sell a service that is difficult to sell over the phone, typically requiring a couple of multiple day visits on-site to get a new project started. Further guidance on deciding on root details for see answers.com for more. My next call was to our corporate team to let them know about how we can all save money on our corporate travel. Many thanks to the man who made the cold call.